I Have a New Ritual.

This one is perfect for when I get bored, or scared, or feel some illusion of pressure and lack of space for growth.

And even better as a proactive measure to stay out of boredom, fear, or perceived tight spaces.

Here's the back story:

I've really been focusing on healing my relationship with my body this winter. Moving it. Loving it. FEELING it. And I've started dancing again. When I notice any signs that I might be about to get stuck, I immediately stop and get out of my head with fun music and totally free moving of my body.

The benefits of doing this have been exponential. Not least of which is the amount of gratitude it brings up within me that I have created a life that I can jam the fuck out in my beautiful home office whenever I feel the need. And the need comes often.

3-4 minutes of shaking until I can't think anymore. Bonus points if I am visualizing something that makes me SO excited.

Today I was excited, thinking about my next trip (which is very much TBD) and thinking about my trip last summer, and wearing this stupid CAVs shirt that I've totally fallen in love with because I wore it on my trip last year.

IDK if you remember this shirt from last summer. I donated like half of my clothes in Mostar and had like 3 shirts and a dress to wear for the final 4 weeks of the trip.

I've really made an effort not to get attached to material belongings- I cleaned out my life when I moved back to Ohio and minimalism suits me very, VERY well, but I put this shirt on today and instantly breathed a sigh of relief.

I was sooo ready to never wear this shirt again at the end of last summer, and today I was stoked that it's warm enough to wear it! (If you don't remember this shirt bc you're new here, check out my IG post and swipe for a few of my favorite moments with this shirt on my trip last year!)

One of the gifts I got while I was dancing my ass off in this video is an understanding of the duality that can exist in regards to material belongings (and of course, all things. but this lesson for me is about materialism): we can allow ourselves to FEEL the comfort of something even when we know we may not always have it.

We have to feel the feels, y'all. They just don't always get to be what we make our decisions based on. They can exist AND we can not be slaves to them!

Today I encourage you to move your body. Love it. FEEL it.

Remember that your energy is meant to be outside of your body, SO PUSH IT OUT.

Tomorrow I'm going to share why I record myself dancing & being emotional, and later I've got some thoughts on that stupid Cavs shirt and what it means to me; for me.

Love & light,


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