Mentorship opens doors.

and it should be accessible.


I believe that together we go further, faster.
And that one-on-one guidance should not be something only the financially privileged have access to, or that we should have to go into serious debt to make our dreams come true. I built my business while working a $15 an hour part-time job and I know what it's like to be broke and just need some fckn help.

I do not believe that a good- "high caliber"- mentor must cost a fortune. I believe that money is a tool and not a measure of success.

I work with creatives who desire ongoing support, guidance and grounding in the form of a mentor, or a seasoned business strategist to consult with to work out the kinks and minimize growing pains.

In order to keep my rates as low as possible, I run a bells-&-whistles-less, lean business in order to keep my overhead down, and I believe in diversifying income streams so that my work isn't directly tied to my income (I teach both of these strategies to my clients). 

My private mentorship programs enroll quarterly and the focus is on building momentum, creating fluidity and gracefully facilitating personal and professional growth.

We meet monthly or weekly, depending on where you're at and what level of support and accountability you want.

Prices start at $150 a month and scholarships are available. 


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Looking for grounded guidance, an advisor for your dream team who can help you determine your business & personal development needs?

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