I'm Kelsey

Energy Mastery Expert, Business Strategist and Leadership Coach. I teach visionaries how to be powerhouses who know how to harness their energy and do the big work that creates positive change in the world, but with less stress, anxiety & overwhelm and more ease & flow.

I am also a recovered people pleaser, perfectionist, and anxious mess. I freed myself from the bullshit social conditioning that had me paralyzed & trapped in the system for 25 years and now I help others do the same.

I believed I was powerless, broken, and limited, so I was.

These beliefs were the cause of all of my problems. I had let social stigmas & "norms" dictate who and what I was, had, and did.

I decided to rewrite my story.

I made the decision to free myself from limitations and dependencies, and healed the anxiety, Fibromyalgia/CFS, ADHD, eating disorders, and depression that had me caught in the loop.

I sought out the truth about life and the power we have over our human experience, and here’s the thing- it’s not what we are being told. Each of us has the power to break the patterns that are keeping us in the loop.

I created a blueprint for the life I wanted to have- the life I knew I was meant to have. I went exploring, got really uncomfortable, and kicked fear in the teeth.

And then I went for- and got- what I wanted.

I'm not your typical coach, and this is what makes me so good at what I do.

I work with visionaries, entrepreneurs & change agents who deeply desire to be conscious creators and integrated leaders; to optimize their performance, actualize their vision, and revolutionize the way we work and live.

My passion is for growth, and for freedom.

This life is best lived fully self-expressed, doing what we're passionate about and being on purpose.

Ready to step up and Lead the Evolution? Click below to find out how you can work with me.

Ways to Work With Me

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