I'm Kelsey

Personal Mastery Expert, Innovation & Leadership Coach; writer, connector, speaker, explorer of culture & concepts, visionary; tech geek, flow state freak, mental health advocate, early Millennial, status quo challenger, & conscious evolutionist.

I am also a recovered people pleaser, perfectionist, and anxious mess. I freed myself from the bullshit social conditioning that had me paralyzed & trapped for 25 years and now I help others do the same.

I believed I was powerless, broken, and limited, so I was.

These beliefs were the cause of all of my problems. I had let social stigmas & "norms" dictate who and what I was, had, and did.

I decided to rewrite my story.

I made the decision to free myself from limitations and dependencies, and healed the anxiety, Fibromyalgia/CFS, ADHD, eating disorders, and depression that had me caught in the loop.

I sought out the truth about life and the power we have over our human experience, and here’s the thing- it’s not what we are being told. Each of us has the power to break the patterns that are keeping us in the loop.

I created a blueprint for the life I wanted to have- the life I knew I was meant to have. I went exploring, got really uncomfortable, and kicked fear in the teeth.

And then I went for- and got- what I wanted.

I'm not your typical coach, and this is what makes me so good at what I do.

Now, I help visionaries break free from limiting beliefs that keep them in the loop; reclaim their power; harness their energy; free themselves physically, mentally and spiritually & optimize their existence so they can contribute what they're here to contribute.

This life is best lived fully self-expressed, doing what we're passionate about and being on purpose. We all deserve a human experience filled with epic adventures, success, joy, peace of mind, and love.

I want to help you step out of the matrix and into your power.

Ways to Work With Me

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