I'm Kelsey Furlong


I'm an ex-beauty industry executive with insatiable wanderlust, a heart of gold & a big vision for a new world.
I've been disrupting the status quo & speaking truth to power since 1984.

My story really began the moment I finally said yes to myself and went all in on my dreams of freedom through entrepreneurship.

It was 2 years after the conception of my business idea to admit that I wanted to leave my 10 year tenure in corporate beauty behind, and another 2 before I believed I could actually do it.

I was exhausted, overwhelmed, paralyzed by anxiety, depression, ADHD, and Fibromyalgia, working a demanding full-time job that required 5 days of interstate travel a week.

i was spinning my wheels & getting nowhere i wanted to go, until I finally found myself homeless & jobless, with nothing & everything to lose.

As a visionary leader, I see easy, sensible solutions but I never fit in the system, and struggled to apply my talents and share my gift. All I wanted was to be free to live life on my terms and be applying my very unique skillset, but I felt disempowered, like my hands were tied.

My journey to mental, spiritual, and physical wellness; learning to design my ideal lifestyle, and mastering the entrepreneurial journey to create sustainable success (and freedom!) has led me to my work guiding women to defining and achieving success on their terms.

After my 2nd partial hospitalization in 4 years, i made the decision to figure out how to break free, for real.

What I was doing wasn't working.

That was the exact moment it all changed for me. When I started owning my own story...

I left my 10 year tenure in the beauty industry and...

And now i'm going to help you own yours.

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I work with clients as a coach and a consultant, depending on the needs of the individual. If you know what you need, and you're ready to go, email my team info@kelseyfurlong.com for rates & scheduling.
Otherwise, let's have a touchbase to see how to proceed.


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