I am woman

Most people would write a bio here but I'm not most people, I guess.

This is a piece I shared on Instagram last fall that has, to date, been my most successful (commented on, liked, saved and shared) post ever.

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I Am Woman, Wild & Refined

i am woman; wild and refined. 🐍🕊

for the first 30-something years of my life, i hated being human and was in constant turmoil with my femininity.

i loved being female, and loved being feminine, but i was confused about what that even meant.

i thought it meant
being submissive
being fun
and flirty
and easy
and not making a fuss.

i thought it meant being thin.
with perfect, unweathered skin
and never having a hair out of place.

i hated my hips.
my a~s.
my bleed.
my emotions.
my perceived inadequacies.

i hated getting older.
thought my prime was passed after 30.
i clung to my youth
gripping it
holding fast to my immaturities
convinced it was the most attractive thing about me.

i was sick a lot.
fibromyalgia kept me crippled
in despair
anxious to the point of paralysis

i hated my body.
loathed it.
blamed it for being inadequate.
punished it at every opportunity.

starved it.
stuffed it.
allowed men to desecrate it.
cut it with razor blades.
put myself in situations that horrified me then and horrify me still now.

and no wonder
in a society that idolizes and sexualizas youth
defines beauty as immaturity
and purity as innocence
and values that version of beauty over the wisdom of maturity.

men are confused
women are even more so
and we continue to perpetuate that which we want most to change

until we free ourselves
and say
“enough is enough.”
and follow through with living as we know the truth to be
looks like owning ourselves
and living in devotion to our highest expression
no matter the cost
we fully own the pure power of our creative nature
and rise up together

to change the culture that’s causing us so much confusion, pain, and suffering.

xo 🕊

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