The Less I Work, the More Money I Make

I'm Kelsey Furlong

I'm an ex-beauty industry executive who left corporate life behind to build a new model of freedom, love, opulence and wisdom. My mission? To inspire, connect, and empower other women to do the same.

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More and more, ease and flow in the way that I live and work are my first and only priority.

If this is relatable, I have questions for you to go deeper into your pursuit.

🗝 Where am I working harder than I need to be? And why?

🗝 Where am I not doing things as efficiently as possible in order to create more space for what I desire in my life: More free time, more energy, more cash flow, more beauty, more rest and nourishment, more deep and intimate connections?

🗝 How can my life & work be easier?

🗝 In what ways am I keeping myself stuck in unproductive patterns that cause me to feel defeated and depleted? Why is this happening?

🗝 What one change in the way I work would make me more efficient and therefore more productive, so I can lead a richer, fuller life?

I am asking myself these same questions in each moment:

“Kelsey, how can your life & work be easier?”

“In what ways are you keeping yourself stuck in unproductive patterns that cause you to feel defeated and depleted?”

“What one change in the way you work would make you more efficient and therefore more productive, so you can lead a richer, fuller life?”

The reason my life is so full (and growing) is because I don’t “work” that much, and I’m always working. My life is my work and I am weaving the tapestry of it as one big, beautiful and brilliant masterpiece rather than as a series of compartmentalized, disconnected chunks that never really get completed.

I work efficiently, and I know how to do so because I’ve gotten to the core of who I am. I know precisely what I’m working with. I’m clear on my objective- my desire- and I know the patterns that show up to try to block my success.

Without the knowing of the true self, and a devotion to mastery, life is so much harder than it really needs to be.

We spend so much time and energy trying to force ourselves to work in linear ways and it’s exhausting because it’s counter-productive.

I felt a bit of “writer’s block” this week and new exactly what to do. I got in the car and went out, and I’m writing this from a no service zone, somewhere in the mountains of New Mexico, using an old school journal and speech to text.

I know that if I sit at my desk during certain times in my cycle and try to write or speak it’s not gonna happen and I’m going to feel defeated. So I don’t do that. Instead, I go to the mountains, we have no cell service, and I’m inspired and untethered.

I sit in my car with pen and paper or voice recorder, and I get it done. Easy.

Sometimes, I take hikes and I put my headphones in and I talk to myself while recording. These things are easily transcribed we live in an age where sitting add a computer or a desk trying to force our way through writers block or overwhelm or anxiety or all of the things that come through when we’re trying to create are unnecessary.

I can fight the distractions or I can eliminate them by creating a more ideal environment.

I can change the way I feel or change the situation. We always always have choices.

Success is not about how hard you work.

Productivity isn’t about how much you do. It’s not about how much you can cram into your 24 hours; it’s about how efficient you are.

Productivity isn’t the enemy.

Work isn’t the enemy.

Success isn’t the enemy.

If you’re spinning your wheels, you have to stop.

STOP! Pay attention and clear out the gunk in your mind. Doing more of the same isn’t taking you anywhere you want to go, it’s just digging the wheels into the mud deeper and making you more stuck.

One thing at a time. Discipline. Focus. If you’re allowing your mind to spin out, you have to choose to rein it in. Learn to set clear and healthy boundaries with yourself and with the world around you.

Forgive me, but your overwhelm is your own manufacturing. It’s fear. It  shows up as the result of lack of commitment; questions of worth; imposter syndrome; rumination about failure; trying to prove competency and legitimacy; procrastination, avoidance and sabotage; all these fears are related and they are the same.

They are the fear of change.

They are the fear of success.

Don’t get me wrong there are times when I sit at my computer for hours and bang it out- particularly when I my business was in its infancy stage and still working a full-time job for someone else. Structure is essential but I don’t advocate for I don’t advocate for it as most do.

As a brilliant and visionary woman in a leadership role who desires to exist in her feminine essence in as many moments and as many ways as possible, I also know the essentiality of space to flow and create as I go. Freely, fully.

This requires not overextending in overworking myself. I know that in order to continue to grow and evolve and expand my capacity to sustain a richer life, I must be next level diligent in the way that I exist and how I navigate my experience.

Next level intentionality has led me to next level consciousness and through this, I have smashed through every ceiling that has presented itself to me and led thousands of other women to do so as well.

The way that I live and work has to feel good.

This means I don’t force myself to do things, because I know how non-productive that is. It has to be fun. It has to be delicious.

Otherwise, what’s the point?

If something has to be done- because in business and life alike, you will have to do things you don’t want to- rather than force it, try asking 

“how can I make this easy?

How can I make this fun?

In what ways am I making this harder on myself than it needs to be?”

you always have a choice and you always have the means, even if you can’t see it.


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I'm Kelsey Furlong.

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I am an efficiency obsessed, flow obsessed human experience designer. I write for visionary woman who are devoted to their freedom to expand into their fullest expression.