I'm passionate about humans.
Creativity & expression,
Kindness & compassion,
Love, understanding & acceptance,
Honesty & empathy.
Connection & community,
And the grace to do the best we can in each moment.
I hope you feel that through all aspects of your experience of me.


Peak experience designer, flow seeker, evolutionist, futurist, explorer of culture & concept, entrepreneur, growth & impact strategist, creative advisor, business consultant, writer, artist & storyteller.

This website is a portfolio of my work.

Conversations & storytellings with friends and strangers discussing creativity, community, consciousness, psychology, social justice, mindset, politics, relationship, wealth, mental health, spirituality, business & entrepreneurship and more.

Virtuish was born of the necessity to stay grounded, stay out of extremist ideals and tuned into real life while doing good, heart-centered, creative and progressive work in the world.
I call it virtu-ish. Sorta virtuous. Doing the best we can with what we've got, having a lot of fun while taking our work seriously, and knowing the value of gentle, sustainable progress.

This is life at the intersection of polarities.

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