I'm Kelsey.

hi, hello!

This website is a portfolio of my work as an entrepreneur, growth & impact strategist, creative advisor, business consultant, writer, artist & storyteller.

I'm a peak experience designer, flow seeker, explorer of culture & concept, evolutionist, futurist and well of wisdom.

I'm passionate about humans.
Creativity & expression,
Kindness & compassion,
Love, understanding & acceptance,
Honesty & empathy.
Connection & community,
And the grace to do the best we can in each moment.
I hope you feel that through all aspects of my work.



I'm a creative business consultant and mentor, a 2nd generation entrepreneur and an ex-beauty industry executive. I work with creative entrepreneurs to help them build & scale their pursuits in integrity with their values.


They who live in integrity gain mastery over their entire reality.

Mentoring &
Business Consulting Services

My clients define success and achieve it on their terms. I believe in the power of collaboration and co-creation, and that mentorship should be accessible and not eat up the entire budget for the expansion of your business or organization.

I keep my service prices low because I want to be a part of your dream team, not the entire team.

Whether you need ongoing support, guidance and grounding in the form of a mentor, or a seasoned business strategist to consult with to work out the kinks and minimize growing pains, I would love to connect  with you to see if we are a fit to do good work together.


As a growth & impact strategist and leadership advisor, I work with business owners to identify opportunities to improve & streamline processes, uplevel client and employee relations, clarify offerings and drive revenue in a conscious, aligned way. 

My objective is always to improve the lives of my clients by creating more ease, more flow, and more space for life's real pleasures.

CREATIVE mentorship

My mentorship work covers the energetics & strategy of creating & growing sustainable, conscious, non-traditional businesses and lifestyles, and helping creatives determined their business & personal development needs.

My clients are visionary humans who deeply desire to be free and fulfilled while making massive impact in their industries. Together, we work to overcome whatever obstacles are in the way of your dreams.

I've advised visionaries working to build & scale businesses in wellness, fashion, beauty, public education, art/making, and more.

business consulting


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