I'm Kelsey Furlong.

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Growth & Impact Strategist, Feminine Productivity Expert, Educator, Podcaster, & Flow Queen

Welcome to my Kaleidosphere of inspiration, imagination, and sanctuary for bringing our wildest ideas to form.


I'm a visionary leader who sees easy, sensible solutions. I'm a self-educated, 2nd generation entrepreneur. I'm a peak experience designer, flow seeker, explorer of culture & concept and infinite well of ancient wisdom.

I want to help you to be free & empowered- mentally, physically, & spiritually- to design your ideal lifestyle and achieve success on your terms. Fuck the hustle.

She who lives in integrity gains mastery over her entire reality. 

You Can Have it all

Fundamentals of Freedom

Conversations for women about harnessing the feminine power to smash our glass ceilings and create the life of our dreams.

We discuss the proverbial working smarter, not harder; making success sustainable & so delicious. Conscious creation, mindset, manifestation, relationship, wealth, mental health, spirituality & entrepreneurship are among the FOF Podcast favorite topics. 

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10 What I Wish I'd Known in My First Two Years in Business

This is where I share all of the ins and outs of how I mastered my magic and jumped headfirst into the flow of life. I'm sharing everything I know so you can do the same.


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My Courses

Master Your Magic & Become a Conscious Creator

Start a Creative Business From the Ground Up

Community & Live Programming for Visionary Women

Coaching & Consulting Services

My clients define success and achieve it on their terms.


My coaching work covers the energetics & strategy of building sustainable, conscious lives + businesses in integrity AKA the most efficient, delicious way possible.

I work with clients to show them the most efficient path to everything they desire, and more.

As a growth & impact strategist, I consult on existing businesses to identify opportunities to improve & streamline processes, improve client and employee relations and drive revenue in a conscious, aligned way. 

My objective is always to improve the lives of my clients by creating more ease, more flow, and more space for life's real pleasures.


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