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I’m Kelsey

Personal Freedom Expert & Life Coach for freedom seeking people.

I'm also a former sales & marketing executive (& corporate slave). I always knew I was different. I tried so hard to fit into "normal"- to do the things I was told I was "supposed" to do to get the life I was "supposed" to want, but all I got was crippling anxiety and an inability to fit the mold.

Things fell apart for me, and with nothing- and everything, at the same time- to lose, I went in search of physical, mental, and emotional freedom, and I found it. Now, I help women & men all over the world do the same by recovering their gifts and living life fully self-expressed.

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I regularly host workshops both digitally & in person in various areas of the world. Check here for upcoming events!

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Private Coaching

I work one-on-one with men & women who are ready to free themselves from the shackles of social conditionings and step into their power to be who, what, where and how they want to be.

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Working with Kelsey was transformative. She is encouraging, compassionate, and knowledgeable. If you want to blaze a trail in your life and you need a guide, a teacher, or a fiery sidekick, then Kelsey is your gal. She is Yoda, John Keating and Samwise Gamgee all rolled into one... But with tattoos and awesome hair!

Melissa Hicks

Kelsey helped me understand my weaknesses and strengths like nobody ever had! Our journey together brought huge changes to my professional and personal life, I was able to create boundaries, systems and growth across the board.  If you feel like you are doing all the right things but “something is missing,” you need this!

Jess Orfanos

Kelsey is a fucking genius who releases people's inner rainbows.

Sara Yamtich

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