Free Yourself

by Knowing Yourself.

There is a universal call for the resurrection of love. The call is asking us to pay attention; to unbind from the ego and come back to the heart and soul of what it means to be alive. Can you hear it? Will you heed it?

What if you could be impassioned + empowered to be fully present in your human experience?  

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Hi. I’m Kelsey.

Spirit Guide and Self-Mastery Mentor to Visionary Women.

I'm also a former sales & marketing executive (& corporate slave). I always knew I was different. I tried so hard to fit into "normal"- to do the things I was told I was "supposed" to do to get the life I was "supposed" to want, but all I got was crippling anxiety and an inability to fit the mold.

Things fell apart for me, and with nothing- and everything, at the same time- to lose, I went in search of physical, mental, and spiritual freedom, and through this exploration I optimized my own human experience and stepped into my role as a leader of change. Now, I help people all over the world do the same.

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Work With Me

Community & Education

I run local and digital events regularly as well as teaching online courses, hosting full-day workshops and retreats for heart-centered leaders.

Lead the Evolution

Private & Group Mentorship

I work with visionaries who are dedicated to showing up in full potency, and are ready to scale their life and business to the next level. If you want to get shit done, expand your capacity to infinity, and have less stress, anxiety & overwhelm, I'm your lady. Apply below.

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Working with Kelsey was transformative. She is encouraging, compassionate, and knowledgeable. If you want to blaze a trail in your life and you need a guide, a teacher, or a fiery sidekick, then Kelsey is your gal. She is Yoda, John Keating and Samwise Gamgee all rolled into one... But with tattoos and awesome hair!

Melissa Hicks

Kelsey helped me understand my weaknesses and strengths like nobody ever had! Our journey together brought huge changes to my professional and personal life, I was able to create boundaries, systems and growth across the board.  If you feel like you are doing all the right things but “something is missing,” you need this!

Jess Orfanos

Kelsey is a fucking genius who releases people's inner rainbows.

Sara Yamtich

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Ready to Lead the Evolution?

If you're ready for more, let's get into action together toward revolutionizing the way you live and work. Click below to apply for coaching.

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