I'm passionate about humans.
Creativity & expression,
Kindness & compassion,
Love, understanding & acceptance,
Honesty & empathy.
Connection & community,
And the grace to do the best we can in each moment.
I hope you feel that through all aspects of your experience of me.


Designer, anthropologist, beauty executive, growth & impact strategist, creative advisor, & storyteller.

This website is a portfolio of my work.

Conversations & storytellings with friends and strangers discussing creativity, community, consciousness, psychology, social justice, mindset, politics, relationship, wealth, mental health, spirituality and more.

Virtuish was born of the necessity to stay grounded, stay out of extremist ideals and tuned into real life while doing good, heart-centered, creative and progressive work in the world.
I call it virtu-ish. Sorta virtuous. Doing the best we can with what we've got, having a lot of fun while taking our work seriously, and knowing the value of gentle, sustainable progress.

This is life at the intersection of polarities.

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